About Me

Hey Everyone!

My name's Colette and I'm a few jumps from average. But then again who isn't? I've been told that I'm very catlike, even down to my sleeping habits. That makes me a natural night owl. My hobbies include: watching anime, reading, writing, exercising, caring for my cat, and doing martial arts. There's not much that I don't like aside from blatantly ignorant people. 

Training Philosophy 
I was trained in martial arts in a largely male class with a sensei that saw no difference in training development of males and females. There was no male and female in his mind...there was only the trainee. To keep up with the class, I had to train twice and sometimes three times as hard as the guys to keep up at the pace that he wanted. This philosophy carried over into my daily exercises after my sensei left. 
It's not that girls are inferior to men. Of course the strongest girl will never be stronger than the strongest guy. But in exchange for strength, girls get an edge in flexibility and agility. What my sensei didn't realize (or care about) is that, unlike his male students, I didn't have testosterone to rely on. I also think that guys that tell girls "if I can do it, then so can you" don't know this either.
Truth is, girls can, but what many don't know immediately (or don't want to admit), is that they must train harder than their male counterparts. What I mean is you need to train with intensity until you cannot do any more, and most importantly never give up.