Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 2: Day 3

Oh yes I am truly going to stick to split workouts.

Pushups and squats: 13 max pushups! I only took a real break (no movement) before the max set! Wow, it really does help to do pushups quickly, I never really believed that. 50 max squats! I think I may push myself to do 50 max squats each time until the max gets too close to 50 (like 40).

I'm not really tired. My tiredness comes from doing this in the morning. I think I may be ready for pushup week 2.

week pushup total: 131

sit ups and dips: 65 max sit ups. 30 max dips.

As pushups move to week 2, I'll keep everything else at week 2 (sit ups at week 4). Sit ups will stay on week 4 until everything catches up. Why? On week 5, the sets turn from 5 to 8.

Provided everything stays on track, the 2nd exhaustion test will be on the 15th.

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