Saturday, October 22, 2011

Workout Schedule

I wanted to show exactly how I was going to combine the four programs. This is what I'm planning to do on Day 1 which will be Tuesday the 25th. The workouts can be found here and on links from the page.

Set 1:
13 squats
6 pushups
21 sit ups
13 dips

Set 2:
16 squats
6 pushups
27 sit ups
15 dips

Set 3:
9 squats
4 pushups
21 sit ups
9 dips

Set 4:
9 squats
4 push ups
21 sit ups
9 dips

Set 5:
max squats
max pushups
max sit ups
max dips

60-120 seconds of rest between each set

Since I have very weak wrists, I'll be doing the pushups on my knuckles. Hopefully my wrist strength will improve.

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