Monday, October 24, 2011

Why the Pull up?

The way I see it, you never know when you’ll need to pull up your own body weight. There was a lanky girl in my weight training class who could do pull ups like it was nothing. I was thinking, "Dang! Can you train me?" Aside from making sexist guys shut up, the movement has practical uses. I never expected to have to ever use the pull up motion in my life. That was until I fell off my bed. In the dorm rooms at NC State, the beds are raised six feet off of the ground. Me being me, I didn't put up the guard rail. (It made sleeping awkward!) I fell off of the bed from the shock of a dream, but caught myself before I hit the floor. It was difficult, since I was using the mattress for leverage, but I managed to pull myself back up into bed. Hopefully, no one will ever have an experience like that!

Working to 5 pull ups!

Tomorrow officially starts the six week 100 pushup challenge! I am so psyched!

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  1. The 100 Pushup thing is good. It got me to about 80 (from a starting max of about 40) before I decided I got what I wanted and wished to focus elsewhere, and within a couple of weeks. Highly recommended.

    With the pull ups, other exercises that may help are pull downs, rows with high weight (bent over BB, one (or two) arm DB), shoulder presses (work opposing muscle groups to the pullup) and a lot of core work.

    Hope it helps!