Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week 1: Day 2

max sit ups-50 max push ups-7 max squats-20 max dips-15

I'm a little more tired than I was on day 1, but not wiped out. I think I need to change the order of the lifts a bit. I wasn't bothered by doing dips at the end of the "set" then push ups after (the start of the "set") on day 1, but that may be what caused me some trouble during the final 2 sets of push ups. On the sit ups, I felt the burn, but persevered. I'm feeling better about the squats though. I'm taking the 90 second rest period between the "sets," still didn't need the full time. That may change on day 3 Saturday. Something's telling me I may cherish those 120 seconds between sets.

I'm going to be doing sit ups, push ups, squats and dips from now on instead of push ups starting and dips ending. (I should've known it was a bad idea to cram dips then pushups)

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  1. wow, you're strong.. ha ha.. I can't even do a modest push up,. :)

    thanks for following me. :) I know how you feel about reading Elisabeth's Case for the first time. I was shock too the first time, it's like from a book but it's not. it's real life and just pure evil. :/